Friday, May 21, 2010

Inbound: Houston Book

I'm starting to put together some pieces for the Inbound: Houston catalog. I'm realizing that I'm less interested in it being a straightforward catalog and more excited about it being a book that is tangentially related to the billboards. So far I know it will include a conversation between myself and the amazing Paul Ramirez Jonas. I am also trying to find a creative writer to create a literary piece for the book. Lehze Flax, a wonderful graphic designer will design the book.
My hope is that it will be completed before my school begins again in the fall.
More soon...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I've been gone for awhile.

Somehow teaching always takes over, pushing my art aside until the day graduation caps are thrown up in the air (tomorrow's the day!).
So the ACA Foods Free Library project opened in March--it was super exciting. Some locals were skeptical, not believing that the books were really free (the only catch being the promise to return them). But once we discussed the impetus for the free library and why I wanted to create it, they were excited too.

The children's section was sweet--books nestled among cookies, biscuits and all things sugary. We placed the political books among an array of hot peppa sauces, which seemed like an obvious location and cultural books in between energy drinks with names like Secret Stallion and Bedroom Bully (oh, Jamaica!).
I haven't been back up to Hartford recently to but hear that people are still using it. Here are some pics.
My hope is to create this project in other cities with a high concentration of West Indians.