Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Earlier this evening I took part in Spacetaker's Artist SPEAKeasy via Skype (I'm teaching at Tyler in Philly and couldn't make it down to h-town). I took this from their website--it's an evening of artist networking where three artists present in an informal atmosphere their creative dialogs/talks/presentations about their work, followed by a question and answer period from which the audience can glean further insight into the artist and the artist’s aesthetic and creative process. Spacetaker is a Houston-based organization that provides artists and small non-profits access to economic, educational and networking opportunities. Check out their website!

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  1. Great talk Karyn. I was at Spacetaker yesterday. Awesome work. Almost like playing where is Waldo. I am really curious as to the matching music. I can't make it Monday, but hope you have a great turn out.